How Do I Get Verified?

Verification on EVEN usually takes about 7 days depending on the volume of artists that are interested. If you would like to expedite the process please email us at Artists@Even.Biz

Here are some Key Points to remember when submitting to be an approved artist you need verify these elements: 

  1. Profile Picture Guidelines: Ensure that your profile picture is not only clear but also free from any references to nudity, violence, or drugs. This is essential for maintaining a professional and respectful image on the platform.

  2. Additional Image Requirements: To create a comprehensive and appealing profile for your fans, include a header and an external image. These additional images contribute to the completeness of your profile, making it more engaging and visually appealing.

  3. Music Links Verification: Demonstrate your legitimacy as a music artist by providing a minimum of three music links. This verification step ensures that your profile accurately represents your musical endeavors and provides fans with direct access to your work.

  4. Accuracy of Information: It is imperative to furnish accurate information on your profile. This includes details about yourself, your work, and any other relevant information. Accurate information builds trust with your audience and helps create a transparent and reliable presence on the platform. Regularly review and update your profile to ensure that all information remains current and relevant.

You can also edit your submission when your account is being verified.

After your account has been verified you will receive an email with access to Backstage.Even.Biz.