How do I receive payments on EVEN, and what is the payout frequency?

Welcome to the most exciting part: uploading your music!

Payouts on EVEN are facilitated through your Stripe account. If you haven't set up a Stripe account yet, locate your Complete Stripe Onboarding Email in the email associated with your EVEN sign-up. Most EVEN accounts utilize a Stripe Connect account, so ensure that your Stripe account is in good standing before creating an EVEN account.

Payments for digital projects are disbursed on a daily basis. The processing time may vary, taking up to a few hours or possibly 24 hours, depending on the bank associated with your account. At the time of sale, we collect our 20% revenue share and cover all transaction fees for both fans and artists.

For instance, if an artist generates $100 in revenue, they would receive a net payout of $80.

To start receiving payouts, it's crucial to create a connected account. This is essentially a user account linked to the EVEN marketplace and represents your Stripe API. This connected account gathers the necessary information to verify your identity and enables the smooth transfer of funds to your bank account.

Please note that Stripe is currently available in the countries listed below.:

If your country is not listed please email us at Artists@Even.Biz. Learn more about creating your stripe account here.