How do I upload and edit my release?

  1. Upload Your Release Information

Here's how to get started:

 Begin with inputting your

  • Release Name: Specify the title of your release.

  • Independent or Signed: If you're a signed artist, mention your label.

  • Release Type: Currently, EVEN supports EPs or Albums. *Singles will be accommodated in the near future.

  • Genre: Select a genre from our provided list or opt for 'Other' if your music doesn't fit a conventional category.

  • Crafting Your Release Description: This is your chance to give fans an exciting overview of what they can expect from your new project. Be detailed and engaging – your fans are eager to know more!

 Release Scheduling:

  • EVEN Release Date: Choose when your release will debut on EVEN.

  • Waitlist Date: Set a date for when fans can start waitlisting your release.

  • DSP Release Date: Decide the date for making your release available on Digital Service Providers (DSPs)

  • Release Timing: We generally recommend making your release available on EVEN at least 14 days (with a minimum of 7 days) prior to its availability on streaming platforms. This strategy enhances your reach and builds anticipation among your audience.


  • Waitlist: 

Think of it as your release's VIP list. Fans eager to be the first to access your new music can sign up in advance. Once your release is ready, everyone on the waitlist receives an automated notification email. Ideally, initiate the waitlist at least 72 hours before your release goes live on EVEN.

The process is straightforward and automated, beginning to gather fan data as soon as they sign up.

  • Pricing Models:

EVEN is renowned for its flexible pricing models, including the fan-favorite 'pay-what-you-want' option. 

  • Pay What You Want: Set a minimum price, but allow fans to pay more if they wish.

  • Minimum Price: The baseline amount a fan must pay to access your project.

  • Fixed Price: A single, unchangeable price for your release.

  • Suggested Price: The default price shown at checkout. Fans can pay more or less than this, but not below the minimum price. This model encourages generosity among your fans.

Security and Exclusivity: Rest assured, there has never been a leak on EVEN. All releases are securely protected and encrypted. Additionally, the paywall ensures that only paying fans get access.

  1. How To Edit Your Release

Editing your release is super simple and available within your backstage portal! You can edit your project through your my releases tab.

Click View Release to see the information of the project you would like to edit.

Let's explore the functionalities associated with each option in managing your project on the EVEN platform:

  • Delete Your Project:

This option is applicable for releases that are still in the pending stage or within the drafts only, providing artists with the flexibility to reconsider or make significant changes before finalizing the release. You cannot edit live releases. 

  • Edit Release Information:

Artists have the ability to update various aspects of their release information. This includes the option to refresh the visual representation of the release by changing the cover image, updating the description to provide additional context, and modifying other relevant information.

This feature enables artists to keep their audience informed and engaged by ensuring that the release details accurately reflect the artistic intent or any changes in the project.

  • Revenue Splits:

Revenue splits are a crucial aspect of collaborative projects, allowing multiple contributors to share in the financial success of the release. The platform supports the addition of new revenue splits, enabling artists to fairly distribute earnings among collaborators.

However, it's important to note that the ability to remove existing splits is not available directly through the platform. For adjustments to revenue splits, artists can reach out to Artists@Even.Biz for further assistance, ensuring that any changes align with the agreements among collaborators.

  • Access Points:

Artists have the flexibility to edit their access points, tailoring rewards and benefits to better align with fan preferences or to introduce new and exciting offerings.

This feature empowers artists to continuously enhance the value proposition for fans, ensuring that access points remain relevant and appealing. Whether it's updating the types of content offered or fine-tuning the details of events, artists can refine their access points to create a more compelling fan experience.