How do I upload + edit tracks?

Welcome to the most exciting part: uploading your music!

EVEN has streamlined the upload process to be user-friendly and efficient. Our platform operates directly in your browser and offers features like CarPlay for an exceptional listening experience. What you upload is precisely what your fans will hear, ensuring a high-quality experience for everyone.

Before uploading, please ensure the following:

  • Final Masters: Confirm that these are the final versions of your tracks.

  • Format: Ensure all tracks are in WAV format for optimal quality.

  • Featured Artists: List any collaborators featured in your tracks.

  • Content Advisory: Indicate whether each track is clean or explicit.

Once you've verified these details, you're ready to upload:

  • Song Title: Provide the title of each song. [Insert example of a well-formatted title and common mistakes to avoid].

  • Featured Artists: Include the names of any featured artists.

  • Audio File: Upload the track in WAV format.

  • Track Numbers: Be sure to assign track numbers for album sequencing.

To add more tracks to your release, simply click the "( + )" button and repeat the process for each additional track.

Experiencing difficulties while uploading a track? Consider the following tips for a smoother process:

  • Check Your File Size:

Ensure that the size of your file is within the acceptable limits. Large file sizes can sometimes cause upload issues, so verifying the file size is an essential step to avoid any hitches.

  • Avoid Repeating Track Numbers:

Double-check your track listing to confirm that you haven't repeated any track numbers. Each track should have a unique and sequential number to prevent confusion and ensure a correct and organized display.

  • Live Release Status:

Is your release already live? If so, keep in mind that you cannot make edits to live projects. Ensure that your desired changes are implemented before making your release live to avoid any post-release complications.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can troubleshoot common issues and streamline the track