How Do Splits Work? How Do I Change Them?

Splits play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals involved in your project receive their deserved compensation.

These split earners can encompass a diverse range of contributors, such as

  • Labels 

  • Managers 

  • Producers 

  • Engineers 

  • Your Family Member 

or anyone whom you believe should be entitled to a payout. When setting up your splits during the upload process, you'll be prompted to provide the email addresses, roles, and the respective percentages of the project for each individual involved.

It's important to note that, at present, we do not offer the option for splits per single; splits are applied to the entire project.

Once you've inputted the necessary split details, the designated split recipients will receive a form via email. This form serves as a means for them to confirm and finalize their split details. For a step-by-step guide on how to create a split account, please refer to the 'How To Create A Split Account' section for detailed instructions. This ensures a streamlined and transparent process, allowing everyone involved to receive their fair share of the project's earnings.

It is crucial to know your splits before submitting them because you cannot change them unless you send an inquiry to Artists@EVEN.BIZ .