Do I need an account on EVEN to purchase a release?

Yes, to purchase any release on EVEN, an active account is required. This not only helps us keep track of your purchases but also ensures your Access is securely associated with your personal account. Here's a brief walkthrough of the process:

  1. Create/Log into your account: If you're new to EVEN, you'll need to create an account first. If you already have an account, make sure you're logged in.

  2. Browse for a release: Navigate through our diverse catalog to find a release you'd like to purchase.Purchase a release: Once you've found a release you like, click on the purchase option.

  3. Claim your Access: After making the purchase, your Access to the release will be automatically associated with your account. You can now stream or download (where available) the release directly from your library.

Remember, purchasing a release on EVEN means you're supporting the artists directly. Your Access not only allows you to enjoy great music, but also contributes to the creative process behind it.