How does EVEN handle refunds?

Due to the nature of our blockchain-based platform, once a release is successfully purchased and added to your account, we're unable to process refunds. This policy ensures fair compensation for the artists and upholds the integrity of our platform.

However, if you encounter a situation where you've made a purchase but haven't received your release, we're here to help!

  1. Check your account: Please make sure you're logged into the correct EVEN account, and double-check your library to ensure the release isn't there.

  2. Reach out to support: If you're certain that the release isn't in your library despite purchasing it, please contact us directly at In your email, include as many details as possible about the transaction, such as the name of the release, date and time of purchase, and any relevant transaction details.

Our customer support team will investigate the issue and work to resolve it as quickly as possible. We're committed to ensuring a fair and satisfying experience for all our users, so don't hesitate to reach out if something doesn't seem right.