13.1. You understand and agree that EVEN may utilize Affiliated Parties as well as any designated subcontractor, vendor, or third party, which may change from time to time without notice, including Stripe, Inc. d/b/a Stripe as a checkout service that allows users to purchase Releases, Stripe, Inc. for payment processing, Non-Fungible Labs, Inc. d/b/a Thirdweb to set up and execute the respective Smart Contracts, Magic Labs, Inc. as a crypto wallet, and Polygon as the blockchain ecosystem the Site operates on (each and collectively, a “Subcontractor”) to render services and carry out its obligations hereunder.

13.2. These Terms of Use hereby incorporate each Subcontractor’s respective terms of service, privacy policies, and community guidelines (collectively, the “Subcontractor Terms”, which may change from time to time without notice). Your use of the Services is at all times subject to the Subcontractor Terms as well as EVEN’s privacy policy, copyright guidance and any community guidelines (collectively, the “EVEN Additional Terms”). If there is any conflict between these Terms of Use, the Subcontractor Terms, and the EVEN Additional Terms, the order of precedence shall be: first the terms of these Terms of Use, then the terms of the EVEN Additional Terms, and then the Subcontractor Terms.